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Kelsey Playing With Herself

Kelsey Obsession is here ands she can’t stop playing with her tits in this scene. She wanted to surprise her man so she cooked and waited for him in her sexy lingerie in their living room. But as time passed by she got so bored, there wasn’t anything interesting on the TV so she had nothing to do. She kept on texting her boyfriend but he was in a meeting so she was talking to herself because no one answered her. After a hour, a hour and a half she realized that he wasn’t coming home soon and went to her bedroom. She was so pissed on him, so before she went to sleep she took some not so decent pictures of her. The sexy blonde was naked and massaging her tits in front of her phone while slowly sliding her hands in her panties. Well this should teach him a lesson about making her wait for nothing. If you enjoyed sexy Kelsey you must check out for another sexy babe that loves to play around in front of the camera. Enjoy it and see you guys later!


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