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Kelsey Obsession – Ass Play

On tonight’s Kelsey Obsession you will enjoy some crazy hot lesbian fun. Kelsey and her friends are having this girls night and they will have some serious fun at Kelsey’s place. After some jokes about sex and a couple of glasses of wine, those hot babes got really horny, so they had to do something about that. In that moment Kelsey started to talk with  her friends about her passion for anal sex. That turned then on, so here they are showing the slutty fingers into each other’s ass.

As you can see, our babe get naughtier with every week. That chick will make these babes fucking her ass in the girls night. The three came only for some talks and ended with the ass all fingered. Just take a look at them starting by kissing and touching on the ass. Then Kelsey will lose her clothes in no time and her gfs will do, too. These chicks are really horny and it would be such a pleasure to watch them eagerly fucking each other’s ass. Those two little slut will both shove the fingers into Kelsey’s ass, making the little slut moaning loudly. They will also receive some ass fingering, for sure. But let’s cut the chit-chating and let’s watch those going wild and naughty on cameras. I will wait for you next week with fresh content, but till then I’ll leave you in their company. Stay tuned!

ass play

Take a look at Kelsey getting her ass fingered!